Dialer Termination

Flat Rates as low as $0.0075/Minute
NPA/NXX Rates as low as $0.0010/Minute

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Using our top performing carrier Dialer Termination switching and redundancy capacities, we can easily manage a huge quantity of concurrent phone calls with out compromising high quality. Using prepaid pricing and zero short duration fees or penalties, clients can rely on VoiceTerm to supply reliable, high quality voice termination that will service high dialer demands.

  • Tier 1 Multiple Carrier Network Options
  • National Footprint
  • NPA-NXX and Flat Rate Pricing
  • SIP or TDM Termination
  • High ASRs
  • High CPS
  • 6/6 Second Billing
  • No Capacity Restrictions
  • No Short Duration Penalties
  • No Volume or Minimum Commitments
  • No Surcharges for Incomplete Calls
  • 24/7 Support Available
  • Toll Free Numbers are Available

Challenging call shop or call center locations demand stability, reliability, and growth potentional. VoiceTerm offers voice broadcasting termination, dialer termination, and SIP telecom services to call shops and call centers needing short duration routes, particularly all those using robo-calls, auto-dialers or predictive dialers.

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We provide low cost Wholesale Voip Termination and Toll Free Origination services as well.