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Using interconnections with up to 60 carriers, VoiceTerm is a dedicated domestic Wholesale VoIP Termination provider. Our team offers our clients the very best VoIP solutions available at very aggressive rates. Through providing low rate Wholesale VoIP Termination, VoiceTerm improves our placement in the domestic market, expanding our geographical range and obtaining additional routes each day. We offer low pricing on our Dialer Termination product, and rates as low as $0.0129 per minute on our Toll Free Origination service.

VoiceTerm provides its clients with a wide array of VoIP solutions that really help them with cost savings for their day-to-day telephone expenses. Our company offers wholesale Telecom Services to call centers, VoIP providers, VoIP resellers, and call shops.

With VoiceTerm as your wholesale VoIP provider, you can deliver low-cost VoIP phone calls, as well as multiple inexpensive VoIP telephone calls from any point in the world. Additionally, we enable our clients to confirm the high quality of calls by offering a FREE $10 credit to test our telecom services.

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