Telecom Services

VoiceTerm provides a number of high quality, low cost telecom services. Starting with our distinctive origination presence, to our short duration wholesale dialer termination, we have the capacity for each clients demands. Here is a brief summary of the telecom services that we offer.

Wholesale Voip Termination

VoiceTerm is a leading Wholesale Voip Termination service provider, providing excellent telephony services and wholesale VoIP services to small carriers, VoIP providers and companies of any size.

Dialer Termination

We provide cost effective Dialer Termination services, which includes short duration calls, for any telemarketing firms, call centers or other telecom providers using aggressive rate deck pricing.

Toll Free Origination

Delivering Toll Free Origination phone number service throughout the United States and Canada. Our network transports Toll-Free calls originated by voice providers, regular land lines, VoIP, along with cellular carrier’s networks to all the main inter exchange service providers within the USA and Canada.